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The purpose of this site is to bring Furber family members together with common links.  Hyperlinks to various Web Sites are included to further communication and aid in search for your lineage.  As this is a working site, any comments will be welcomed.  

William Furber arrived in America on “The Angel Gabriel”, as a passenger, August 14th, 1635 at what is known today as Pemaquid Point Maine, USA. It is highly probable Temperance Furber, William’s sister, arrived earlier as she married John Bickford in Dover during 1624. These two families lived in Oyster River, and then migrated to Bloody Point area known as Newington, New Hampshire today.

There are other Furber families and individuals who entered America at different times and entry points. Who are they? A few Furber named on immigration lists: Edward, George, James, Johan Friederich, many named John, Joseph, Thomas, William, and William Thomas Brown.  

I have some point of entries and dates, if others are known, let us know. 

England has been the primary source of Furbers to the Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA and many points of the world.  Other sources include Sweden, Germany and Ireland.


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